August signifies the slippery slide toward autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, a time for holidays for many and for making the most of the warm and often hot weather in anticipation of cooler days. Because of this, we hope you’re making the most of time outside, embracing and making the most of each and every day of pleasant days upon the water.
In saying this, it’s important to remember that your relationship with water and indeed the weather, is not a race, but a year-round, life-long dance in which you learn to work with the prevailing conditions, not against. With advances in UV protective clothing, to thermally insulated and waterproof garments, there’s few reasons not to find time to be on the water year-round, accept perhaps for those living in extreme winter conditions.

Mostly in the summer months, the long-light evenings, makes it possible to be out on the water until late, while in winter, the lack of light makes this the biggest problem. Whatever your situation or wherever you live, the key message is to understand, a life built around being on the water, is like any relationship. It takes time to nurture and form a way of relating to the weather and water conditions that makes for a happy and sustainable one.On those super hot days, it’s easy to think of a contrasting day in winter, when there’s not a cloud in the sky, nor breath of wind and the water is like glass. Skimming over the water on your paddleboard, wearing the correct apparel, it all makes sense as you breath in the frosty air and embrace nature’s majesty.

August is also the time when hundreds of SUP paddlers begin to think of the 11 Cities SUP Tour in Holland – 5 days of paddling through the beautiful landscape of Friesland, either for accomplishment found in the challenge or pain in the spirit or racing and once again, Mistral shall be flying the flag in support. Indeed August is a pivotal month, a time of reflection and of strange contradictions, such as ‘Book Now For Christmas’. For the time being make sure to enjoy this ‘Silly Month’ — stay safe and remember, Mistral is here to keep you on the water year long and to dress you from head to foot so as to ensure you may embrace your passion in style.