Well, if you think we’re on holiday, we wish! Mostly at this time of year, we are working on ideas created from brainstorming sessions held back in late winter in order to think ahead to the following year – in this case 2020. This is the nature of what we do, in having to think ahead. While we also have to exist in the here and now, we have to look ahead to forthcoming shows especially as our springboard into the new season which is inevitable. We have to consider market trends, while at the same time, consider that following market trends are one thing, creating them, another level entirely.

What you can expect from us in 2020 are a few genuine surprises in respect of design and construction in both the areas of SUP and Windsurfing. Further to this, we know too that subtle changes are not what are required to make a difference, but substantial ones, reflecting leadership and advancement, not manifested from following, but from leading in the way Mistral has always approached the way in which it contributes to the sports it has an involvement with. We can already look back on SUP and lay claim to some milestone achievements, from being the first to produce the world’s lightest inflatables using a uniquely constructed drop stitch PVC. Our hardboard designs have set World Records, Won the 11 Cities in dominate fashion in both male and female divisions and so too major races in Tahiti and set Record Times in 2 of the UK’s premier SUP races and a downwind Record Time in South Africa.

With our inflatable technology, here we see big opportunities to move the goal posts and whilst other brands may be content with following each other, it is now time for us to go off-piste and think outside the box and for this you will have to stay tuned. As for Windsurfing – we owe it to our fans to make a come back and this we are working on. One hint we can give, is that while so much attention has been given to foiling, the rig remains an element which continues to fly under the radar, an area which in real terms has remained stagnant for many years. Shame then that this is the case when the technology to advance the current system and basic design parameters are their to be had. Again, we’re not saying much – but be prepared for radical changes.

Meanwhile be sure to browse the website for Summer Special Offers and of course be sure to check out our Mistral apparel!