It’s that time of year again when we turn our attention to the 11 Cities SUP Tour Event in Holland We have been a supporter and sponsor since 2011 and following on from the 2014 event, we set out to get serious about being a contender and for the 2015 released the Vortex boards. In that year we won all legs of the event in both the mens and women’s divisions, raising the bar on board design and paddling standards. Other brands were left in shock and ever since, Mistral has been the brand to chase, our women in particular dominating.

Since this time and for 2019 our top paddlers will be using the latest Vortex SD1 (Special Development) boards in varying narrow widths, offering deeper sunken deck, harder rails, increased volume while maintaining all the essential go-fast low drag features.

The Non-Stop event begins 7-8th of September and we welcome Miguel Roige from Spain who finished in 3rd place in 2019 and wish him luck paddling for Mistral this year. For the 5 Day Event, which runs from the 11th – 15th September we once again welcome from Japan, 4 University Students who have been participating in the IMOD (International Mistral One Design 12’6) races. They include, Yuki Takada from Waseda University, Momoka Wada from Yokohama City University, Kota Takeuch from Waseda University and Riko Ooya also from Waseda University. You can follow some of the IMOD action here

Additionally we have our two Golden Girls Lena Guimaraes Ribeiro a former event winner in 2017 and Gold Medal Winner of the recent Pan American games 2019. She is in good form and will be looking to once again be on the podium. With her, will be her team mate Petronella van Malsen who finished in 3rd place in 2018 and she too will be looking to be on the podium and higher placed. Dutch Champion, Janneke Smit will also again be on the water and will be paddling the Mistral 17’6 Stealth Unlimited board over the course.

In the mens division, new recruit, Martino Rogai of Italy who finished in a high creditable 3rd place at the 2018 event. A specialist distance paddler, now armed with his Vortex SD1 he is ready for the challenge this year to be up again with the front runners. Ricardo Haverschmidt from Holland is back and always a top 10 contender and we wish him the best of luck. Dutchman Mike Kranenburg will be again taking on the gruelling event continuing to raise awareness for cancer support. Regrettably Mike’s mother passed away following last years event. We wish him well.

During the course of the event Dutch Swimmer Maarten van der Weijden who in 2018 swam the 220km course non stop will be visiting the event on Sunday where Mistral will be presenting to him boards to use with his foundation​

It’s our aim to bring you updates of the event which you can follow here .