What is Twin Air Technology®?
Twin Air Technology® disposes of the use of a singular primary chamber, replaced by two equally sized left and right chambers running the full length of the board, segmented by a unique narrow centre hollow void, constrained by an outer compression-band. The resulting board, is super rigid achieved in part by limiting the width of the two conjoined chambers, secured by an extremely firm fitting outer compression band, which further adds an additional outer layer of protection to the seams of the chambers.

New Levels of Board Stiffness
By conjoining x 2 narrow chambers, flex is significantly reduced as a consequence of reducing the total surface area of each. Long and narrow is simply stiffer, than long and wide. In tests, a ‘regular’ inflatable with a 75kg static load bends by @9cm but by only @3cm with Mistral’s Twin Air Technology®.

Friction-Fit Accessories
The resulting compression of the two chambers, forms a narrow void along the centre line, into which a uniquely designed US fin-box is pushed and retained by friction. Featuring a stainless steel track and injection moulded stem, the stem is pushed between the two chambers and retained by friction alone – no fin box needs to be permanently secured to the board. Consequently, the fin can be placed in any number of different positions and any USB fin can fitted. A secondary box can be positioned mid centre of the board, to act as a mini-daggerboard in the case of Windsurfing.

New Levels of Safety
With an equal 50/50 split of air reserve between the two primary chambers, in the event of one of the chambers being compromised, the other provides more than enough volume of air to provide adequate buoyancy for the paddler to make it to safety, exceeding all other inflatable capabilities on the market.

Woven-Drop Stitch Technology
Mistral pioneered the use of woven-drop stitch, an original German technology, as used on our Equipe Superlight boards and we have today incorporated this within our Twin Air Technology® to further enhance supreme stiffness, durability and lightness at a more affordable costing. Woven drop stitch is an advancement over knitted drop stitch and recognised for its improved level of structural integrity, rigidity, reduced weight and use of less material. Increased thread counts per inch of narrow diameter make this possible in addition to the pattern in which they are attached between deck and hull panels.​

Two Valves But Only 1 Inflation Required
Although each board has its own valve, through the use of a ‘Y’ joiner, the pump can inflate both chambers simultaneously to equal pressures, so as there is no need to inflate the chambers separately. This is also important to arrive at the same PSI for each chamber.

Applications for 2020
We are incorporating this new technology into x 3 inflatable paddle boards; La Bamba 10’5, Tango 11’5 and Salsa 12’6 and in addition, x 3 inflatable Windsurfing boards; the Boogie 8’2, Hip 9’6 and Jive 12’6.

Windsurfing Mast Foot Attachment
We’ve redefined and designed a unique multi-placement deck fitment process, which relies upon the friction-fit method of pushing a flat plate between the joining centre line void and securing by way of a metal rod and PVC flaps. 11 pre-drilled holes over a length of 25cm provide multiple fix points to allow for differing wind strengths and sail sizes.