With Christmas on the way, it’s time to contemplate gift ideas and if you’re a Mistral fan, select from a number of top gift ideas at our on-line store. Small affordable items including Tees, Sweat Shirts and various apparel items are always a welcome gift or why not consider a Mistral winter weight jacket – super warm and of the highest grade. Otherwise, why not a truly great inflatable SUP board bargain! Our Mistral Adventure boards have always been popular, but now with upgraded roller wheel travel bag, embossed M-grip decking, tri-fin set up and use of our high tech, super light weight woven drop stitch pvc fabric, make both the 11’5 and 10’5 Adventure boards great value, starting at only €599! Alternatively our equally superb Sumatra board which forms part of our Tribe Range at 10’6 in stunning orange, also offers superb value with several additional features, including slide in fin, additional handles and our world class travel roller bag.

Don’t forget our range of great SUP Accessories and always be sure to invest in a coiled knee worn Sup Leash for all your SUP paddling (accept surfing – please use a cord leash). A new Mistral paddle can also be a top gift idea and here we have a wide range to choose from, from the budget conscious entry level blades through to our high end carbon paddles. There’s a paddle to suit every budget and need. We’re here to advise and help, so get in touch or be sure to browse our on-line store!