For a short time, it seemed SUP Yoga was the next big thing and for many fitness instructors and others it was certainly a business opportunity that had niche appeal. Beginning in California where a Bohemian lifestyle is the pursuit of the many, the concept quickly took root, where conditions are often ideal for practicing the art. Unfortunately not all parts of the world where there is water lend themselves well to practicing SUP Yoga or even SUP Pilates. High winds, cold waters and unpredictable weather make for a lack of consistency or even a guaranteed tranquil experience.

Sometimes a swimming poll is the best option! Areas such as the Mediterranean are ideal as are many tropical and sub-tropical places, especially where winds are light in the mornings with the promise of trade winds in the afternoon. But through it all, there are indeed some enterprising individuals who have kept the faith and work with a loyal following, but it certainly takes great conviction, the correct environment, correct conditions and even equipment. While there are boards specific to SUP Yoga, it has to be said that many boards suffice and indeed some individuals simply use floating mats so as the SUP part of the experience is completely eliminated.

Mistral were early pioneers of developing bespoke boards and equipment for SUP Yoga and this today remains so with our highly versatile Asana and Lotus boards. These boards are form and function all the way for the SUP Yoga Instructor or individual looking for the best available platform. The Lotus is the only board on the market permitting two person Yoga moves for example and is the ultimate SUP Yoga platform, while the Asana makes for just as good Yoga board as it does paddle board. Make no mistake, your on-water Yoga platform makes all the difference and Mistral simply make the best!