The show continues in Dusseldorf and the star has been the CarboWing rig, which takes the basic Bermudan Sail and rig format originally conceived for the sport of windsurfing in the mid 60s to a whole new level, embracing yacht and dinghy advances in design. In the history of windsurfing, there’s been many ideas come and go for sail and rig design, but they have only ever amounted to fine tuning of an existing technology, never ground breaking and sometimes a backward step.

If you remember fully cambered sails with full battens; the weight, the snap when tacking and gybing, the rigging process; mostly it was not a good experience. The CarboWing resolves this issue and further refines fine tuning with integrated outhaul, downhaul and internal running slot for luff fitment, doing away with a mast sleeve.

The stability of the rig means you can use a smaller sail size for greater return on effort spent. It’s safe to say, drawing upon yacht and dinghy design concepts and putting them into a windsurfing rig may have only be a question of time; this is that time. Enjoy the video and be sure to make contact with us