There was much anticipation leading up to one of Europe’s largest International Boat and Small Craft Shows held in Dusseldorf, Germany. With the SUP market looking for new ideas and pathways for continued growth and the Windsurfing market looking to make a come back, it was left to Mistral to make the biggest impact.

Our Twin Air Inflatable Technology used to good effect on the Hip Hop and Boogie Windsurfing boards, supported with compelling video footage of aerial loops and wave riding, convinced a sceptical market, that indeed this could well be major contender moving forward. Encouragingly, orders where placed and this will be sure to act as a self governing marketing success moving forwards. In addition this technology now forms part of our new SUP range, where the benefits of rigidity also play a major part. More information to follow.

The CarboWing was always going to be winner and while it raised many questions from a mature Windsurfing audience, the fire of interest has been lit and in the coming weeks, we will be building more supporting information and marketing material to reinforce the advantages of this rig over current conventional thinking.

On the issue of marketing, we’re pleased show our latest long board surfing video at our FaceBook page, which supports our new Paleo, Retro and Neo Mini-Mal Surfboards and indeed a part of our 2020 apparel range. Enjoy and please share!