Since the launch of our revolutionary Twin Air Inflatable Tech Boards at the Dusseldorf Show, namely the Windsurfing Boards, Hip Hop, Boogie and Jive and SUP Boards Salsa, Tango and La Bamba, interest has been extremely high as might be expected. If you are in the market for a new inflatable or an upgrade, you will not be disappointed by these boards, the likes of which there are no comparison currently available. Concurrently and due to the current medical crisis in China, all manufacturers are similarly affected by supply. We currently have limited stock-on-hand and highly recommend you pre-order now (asap) for anticipated delivery before the end of April, the current estimation of delivery in time for Spring / Summer 2020. Terms include; Free Shipment Within Europe, Full Refund should delay extend beyond the 3 month from date of pre-order (end of April).