Mistral’s Twin Air Inflatable Technology® is not the simple addition of a secondary chamber, but in fact   utilisation of two equally sized left and right chambers. The advantages of additional rigidity are significant and out perform any other iSUP brand on the market requiring tensioners and stringers. This has been developed in a stagnating think-tank of ideas; a unique product addressing the issue of rigidity and adaptability all within the one design concept. Two individual left and right chambers running the full length of the board, segmented by a unique narrow centre hollow void, constrained by an outer compression-band. Uniquely more rigid than any other inflatable, Twin Air Technology® in this format provides harmonies outlines, ideal volume distribution, rocker lines and unique details within the construction. So good is the technology we have successfully applied this to windsurfing designs, the 8’2″ Boogie, 9’6″ Hip Hop, 12’6″ Jive and for our SUP 11’5″ Tango and 10’5″ La Bamba.