With all the restrictions placed on us around the world, one thing remains true, a healthy immune system, requires good food, exercise and periods of rest, therefore without exercise you have to wonder how to help keep your immune system strong. Of course you can exercise from home, but that’s not affording you fresh air and sunlight which we all need. From this perspective, we know that many of you water exercise obsessed paddlers, sailors and surfers, will not respond well to being locked up in a room. You may not know that there is currently a ban on surfing across mainland Europe during the Corona Virus restrictions on movement? But surfing is not paddling and neither is it sailing and as for SUP, it’s ‘paddling’ unless you’re in the surf, then it’s ‘surfing’. Confusing times indeed. Depending where your are living and the restrictions that apply, many of you will have easy access to water in relative isolation. Many of you will still be making it a part of your routine to find time to be on the water as normal, where you are able. To a water person it’s central to ensuring a sense of well being, both mentally, physically and spiritually and how many of us find balance. With this in mind, pay careful attention to your national and local restrictions on movement. In relation to Practicing Social Paddling, there are some good guidelines out there to consider keeping you afloat. Meanwhile we at Mistral, sending our very best wishes to all, to be safe and healthy and for suffers, we wish you a speedy recovery. This will ultimately resolve itself, the bans will be lifted and at that point, we can all prepare ourselves for a very big celebration of “Water Life and Living” – Mistral will always be here for you through the good times and the bad!