We very much hope you are coping with the global epidemic as best possible and can only take the optimistic view that this shall soon come to an end. During this time, when the world has largely shut down, we can take some solace in knowing the planet is very probably benefiting from our lack of activity and taking time to heal itself. Water people are above all connected to nature and therefore it is only natural to consider taking in the view from the mountain and not just from the beach.

We at Mistral, now with over 40 years legacy, have been through thick and thin times and have always maintained our adherence to our mantra of Water Life and Living and we intend to ride this storm and the high seas of uncertainty through to the other side. We are still busy designing, predicting the evolution of SUP, Windsurfing and Foiling in all it’s forms because we believe in a future, we believe in continuing to nurture an affinity for the oceans and the water ways of the world and know that you will need us more than ever when liberty and freedom to move and play return to us all.

With this in mind, we’ve been busy redesigning our ON LINE STORE and indeed it has never been more important to bring focus and attention to it, so as you may remain connected with us. Not only is the layout greatly improved, but so too, the imagery and information.

We therefore invite you to visit and browse and purchase at leisure and feel free to contact us using the channels provided at the store.

Orders before 11am Holland EU Time leave the same day
Orders over €100 are send free of shipping charges within the EU
One to two year guarantee on all boards

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From all of us at Mistral, stay safe and see you on the other side!