We should be wishing you a happy Easter and of course we do, but in this current global pandemic and the restrictions on many of our lives for free movement to do as we please, this happiness may well be tested. But we must all remain resolute, confident and optimistic of the future and if nothing else during this time, the higher values we hold may well become stronger, while it is also a time perhaps, for a re-assessment and discarding of some things we thought important, but really aren’t.

With restrictions on doing what we love, it’s easy to now feel a stronger nostalgic connection to activities that we enjoy and in addition perhaps, a deeper respect for the people we have taken for granted and the freedoms that we enjoy. With the world shut down, we can take time to reflect and make adjustments to our lives before we return to the craziness of what we know to be normal.

For many, we know this period of time will be life changing, a time for redefining oneself and embracing the changes needed to move forward with optimism and positivity, no doubt with the support of friends and family and indeed ultimately through a return to the activities that complete you and help make sense of life itself.

Meanwhile we at Mistral are for ever linked back to the past, connected back to people and the creations we have designed and the contributions made to peoples lives through the memories which have been created from them. In short, we are honoured to have played a part in enriching water sports lovers lives and we look forward to continuing that journey for both young and old.

If you ever needed proof of the love of the brand Mistral and the powerful affect it has had upon end-users, we recommend viewing the Old School Mistral Owners Club Facebook page where you will see a collective passion and love for times gone by, with the understanding that all of today’s experiences will be tomorrow’s memories.

Enjoy life and living and to all, we wish you a very safe and happy Easter.