Testimony to the quality and longevity of Mistral products produced as far back as the mid 1980s, we here at Mistral Red Dot, receive regular emails regarding spare parts for such equipment and sometime older. Usually, it is in relation to items such as the mast foot or mast tracks, where items have been lost or in the case of mechanical parts, have seized with a lack of use.

Many ‘Once were Windsurfers’ are finding time on their hands and are buying from eBay or simply digging into their stash of old kit and are wanting to get back on board. We’re naturally very encouraged to hear of this and to receive your enquiries, however we can safely say, spare parts have not been made for such boards as the Mistral Competition, the Equipe and others for many years.

As much as we would like to help directly, we can only assist indirectly. On the other hand we do have a few sources that we know to carry ‘New Old Stock’ and spares. One is based in the UK 24-7 Boardsports where we know to be boxes of spares (you won’t see at the website, you will need to contact directly) and there are others such as Thea on-line parts. The best advice we can give you, is to Google Search, additionally it can sometimes pay to purchase another board simply to have the spares you need. We’re keen to have you back on the water and we know it can take a bit of DIY and creativity in order to get your beloved board once again back to wind and water where it belongs!

Here’s a fantastic quote from a recent customer seeking parts.

“Hello, I am a great and honoured fan of Mistral. I bought my first board at the young age of 20. It was the Competion Superlight. I have so many fond memories of this board not only because it was the board I learned on but the board that provided many years of unforgettable fun and adventures. I still have the board at the age of 56 and had other Mistral boards as well. But this is the board that I knew would take me windsurfing into the age of 80 and hopefully beyond.”