These few months have highlighted that internet shopping and connectivity have never been more relevant and essential to our lives. Being at home, we’ve seen the importance of being able to browse, shop and connect with others. From this, we’ve been busy creating a new Mistral App for our Mistral Shop, which can be downloaded onto your phone to speed up the browsing and buying process and also so as you can take advantage of early deals. The Mistral App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or the Apple Store. Fast, easy, free to download to you mobile or tablet.

Additionally we are creating a variety of Bundled Combos, to make for great savings and for the added convenience of us putting together combos that work and can be simply ordered without having to let your fingers do to much searching. Board, paddle, pump and all accessories, you’re good to go!

Currently Combos include our Bali 8’6 Inflatable, Adventure 10’5 and 11’5 Inflatables, the Nautique 11’5 perfect for boat owners and our Sunburst 9’6, 10’5 and 11’9 Malibu styled hardboard, with more Combo package deals soon to be made available. There’s never been a better time to invest in Mistral made products!