There has been a general easing of restrictions in respect of being permitted back on the water in some parts of the world and this of course is being permitted with strict guidelines remaining in place for many regions. This period of time off the water at the very time you’re keen to get back on board your water toys especially after a long winter for many, makes you think of the importance of your water life and living life and just how connected to water you are. This period of being banned from participation which is still being enforced in some areas, has for some, been and continues to be the hardest part of the control measures in place. Many water sports governing bodies including coast guards and harbour authorities have put in place guidelines for going back on the water and of course, these should be followed and respected until such time as normality returns. Meanwhile we have been busy with our usual developments and in addition we have released a number of bundled SUP combo deals for summer so as you can purchase complete sets and save in the process! It’s time to think good thoughts, be positive about the future and get kitted up for those summer days ahead!