As we approach that time of year again when we spend more time outside and hopefully much of it on the water or at the beach, it’s important to keep in mind protection of your skin and to remind ourselves of the damage UV rays can do. A healthy dose of sunshine on the skin, will top up our Vitamin D levels and often brings about a sense of well-being. An unwelcome danger of course is in over-exposure of bare skin to strong UV light and although we can use various protective sun-creams, the best option remains in covering up. In particular covering the body is easily achievable with Mistral Lycra apparel, which are lightweight and quick to dry and offer high levels of UV protection. Beyond this wearing a Sun Visor or Peaked Cap, protects your nose and cheeks, vulnerable areas of the face. Skin cancer is a very serious condition and must be taken seriously and therefore beyond the merits of wearing appropriate sun protective clothing when at the beach or on the water, it becomes more than just a fashion statement, but indeed a means to protect yourself from the ravages of the sun. Like many things in life, moderation of exposure to build up some resistance is a good thing for those who can tolerate it. For many, not even a moderate exposure is a good thing. Wearing protective clothing will permit you to stay at the beach, or on, or in the water, worry free from burning, in all but the most severe conditions so as you can enjoy your Water Life and Living Lifestyle for longer!