The Mistral Vortex, is the most successful winning board of the 11 Cities SUP Women’s Division in either the 5 day or non-stop event and the design creation that put Mistral on the map as serious SUP race board design contenders.

Designed specifically to set out to win this event, the impetus came about, when in 2014 at the finish of that years 11 Cities event, Mistral concluded, as this race was in its back yard of Holland and as sponsors, with no race entries capable of podium finishing, it would set out to shake the event to its foundations with a new race board design, new paddlers and entirely new level of professionalism for 2015.

The Vortex therefore, became a ground up design and build, achieved in just ten months and with just 2 prototypes being created and modified into a production board, such was the confidence of Mistral designers, Steve West and Bro (Chris) Diplock. Starboard arrived at the 2015 event brimming with confidence, with a board they had refined and tested over several years, with in excess of 20 prototypes. Starboard had signed up their own super star distance paddlers, the Hungarian Hasyulo brothers, who were confident of victory over the world’s longest and most prestigious distance SUP event, who would paddle in a team format to victory.

Despite the best effort of others, the gamble paid off and outrigger canoeing Tahitian super star, Steeve Teihotaata newly signed with Mistral and with only 1 years SUP experience, went on to win all 5 stages of the event, finishing with an accumulated 20 minutes ahead of the Hasulyo Brothers, with Seychelle Hattingh from Florida USA, triumphing also with an enormous lead over her nearest rival, which she went on to repeat in 2017. It was a stunning result, sending shock waves through the SUP community and industry, stating when Mistral wants success badly enough, their collective efforts are a force to be reckoned with.

Seychelle would go on to sent a 24 hr distance Guiness World Record using the Vortex. Add to this the SUP 11 Cities future wins of Brazilian paddler, Lena Ribeiro and the runner up finishes of Dutch paddler, Petronella Van Malsen, the Vortex truly established itself as the ultimate flat water distance race board, triumphing also in many other events in both mens and women’s divisions. Although Mistral have only ever fielded a modest race team in number, by ratio the Vortex has triumphed in style as a world class design.

For 2020, we’ve improved the Vortex SD1 (SOON IN STOCK) an evolution of the original classic Vortex, with special attention to increased rocker and in three different widths. If you’re in the market for a race board, consider the Vortex SD1, a classic Mistral race board with genuine pedigree. Call or contact us for more information.