It seem water sports are enjoying a ‘boom’ with thousands headed to beaches and the water. It may just be, that in these uncertain times, it’s time to make the most of life, embrace it, not run from it and we’re all for it! SUP shops are recording a renewed surge in interest and sales which is a very positive sign, it could just be the sport is finding genuine traction and the capacity to mature and grow further.

Meanwhile we’ve news of our Website – the on-line store is now translated also into Spanish, together with our German version. Additionally we have added ‘Real Time’ tracking information regarding your orders from our store, for added peace of mind!

And while we are on the subject of SUPs new popularity surge, here’s a reminder of the importance of investing in a good paddle . . .

In truth, there is no such thing as a beginner paddle. The paddle is an extension of yourself, a tool that is a lever and like all good tools it must be fit for purpose and designed to do the job it was intended. The paddle is if you like a moving part in this sense, unlike the board and therefore the experience you have with it will determine your enjoyment of paddling on many different levels.

When budgeting for buying board and paddle, consider the investment in a paddle wisely as you may well find yourself buying your way up ever upwards towards a better paddle, so as the final paddle you arrive at in real terms, is very costly. From the outset, give your paddle equal priority if not more priority than the board you’re investing in. No matter who well designed your board may be, the better your paddle is, the more you will be able to get from your board.

We’ve always strived to meet every budget and therefore our least costly paddlers are still efficient, however as you move up to our lighter all carbon paddles, that level of efficiency jumps as do the benefits. Our paddle range includes paddles for those on a tight budget and include the Kanoa (soon to be renamed the Motu) and for kids, the Tamarii, especially important in order they may maximise their fun and safety on the water. Our Makani, Ulani and Keanu are all similar designs with differing blade areas, while our Gold paddle remains a classic favourite amongst our team riders and racers. New to the gene pool, are the Chevron and V-Force; small blade areas and high aspect with varying blade face shapes, they are high performing easy to use beauties in all carbon construction.