Astonishingly, SUP is seeing a second wave of growth after suffering from over-supply and some degree of over-saturation. Whether it’s because people are no longer travelling like they used to, or perhaps taking the chance to become healthier or wanting to connect with the outdoors or a combination  of these and other factors, the reality remains, SUP is back on track as a fast growth recreational pursuit.

Added to this, that SUP racing has been on holdhas been a good thing. It’s taken the focus away from brands having to pay attention to their team riders and invest heavily in promotions and expenses as they have had to in the past. Additionally we’re seeing fewer team riders posting feats of brilliance and clogging up social media with hero images. This period of time, has taken the focus away from high end boards and the perception, SUP is for the super fit and competitive. It’s put SUP back where it should be – a relatively passive activity or even a lifestyle, that’s less of a sport but for the most part, simply a super basic, affordable way by which to get on the water.

Further to this, there has been a run of educational Webinars and postings on social media, bringing attention to better SUP skills and all in all, this has led to a greater connection and understanding of the sport. Ironically, the brakes have been applied to the sport running away with itself, presenting some time for reflection before the brakes are off again and all the while the sport is growing by itself and therefore self propagating.

And, unlike some other forms of recreational paddle craft, such as a sit inside kayak, you’re not going to run the risk of being trapped inside, or be swamped and you need a lot less safety equipment and when compared to a sit-on-top plastic kayak that weighs just a bit less than a small car, you can easy transport your SUP and especially if it’s and inflatable.

So, sit back and enjoy the growing SUP family. Mistral is here with you on your journey for all your SUP needs, from boards to paddles and apparel . . .