Here at Mistral, we are constantly at work, busy with designs, ideas and of course sharing with you our latest offerings. Recently we have been working on the production of a 45th Anniversary Mistral Calendar for 2021, show-casing the work of Mistral’s original photographer, Ulli Seer, who captured many thousands of iconic images over some 20 years.

Through these images, a visual celebration of Mistral and the lead role it took, in not only establishing highest levels of form and function in the sport of Windsurfing, but so too, as one of the original and therefore genuine, lifestyle brands of which we continue today.

The Golden Years of Windsurfing may never be repeated, but we can certainly re-live them through the medium of imagery. As a Mistral fan, old or new or for someone who has Windsurfing in their veins, you will love this beautiful 2021 Mistral Calendar. A beautiful gift idea or for your office, or wall at home, it will make a fantastic talking point and take you back to this Golden Age.

Produced on Gloss Art 250 gsm paper, in A1 landscape format (841 x 594 mm / 33.11 x 23.39 inches) each calendar month will be perforated, so at it can be removed for framing or simply stuck to your wall. Release date will be October 2020 or possibly during September at the earliest, available through our distributor outlets and in addition at our on-line Web Store. We shall keep you informed – meanwhile, keep on enjoying your summer and for everyone else, we trust you’re keeping warm!