Mistral’s 45th Anniversary approaches and in the context of social change and happenings over these years, it’s a testament to a positive belief system, that as a brand, Mistral has withstood the winds of change. Its longevity has been fuelled by a passion for the joy it brings to others in nurturing chosen lifestyles, whether it has been a love for the beach, or being on the ocean and harnessing wind and water and through this recent global crisis, Mistral seeks to inspire – a rainbow of optimism contrasted by the dark and stormy clouds which have loomed behind in recent times. 

During this time, we have kept focus on surviving the best way we know how, by being flexible, open and optimistic, in the knowledge the sun is always shining somewhere and that the waves will continue to roll in toward the beaches, headlands and reefs of the world, as will the wind continue to blow in from far away places unknown and that above all, beach and water sports lovers will never cease doing ‘That Thing They Do’, being deep within their DNA, to continue doing what affirms and defines them, as it does Mistral . . . have a good weekend!