We thought it time to give you an update regarding the CarboWing sail and rig we announced some months ago. Due to the pandemic, regrettably testing, refining and manufacturing impacted our progress and we would not want you to believe we had dropped the ball on its release. Additionally, we have had feedback from testers which has been listened to and these factors are being taken into account. The aim is to have multiple-sets of rigs for final testing in the coming weeks and these will be distributed to key individuals for additional review. Something as advanced and refined as this new sail and rig, take time in perfecting and of course the aim is to iron out as many of the bugs as possible and in addition, ensure the manufacturing is to the highest standards. We shall keep you posted, but rest assured, there is plenty going on the background to bring this exciting new power delivery system to market, which we believe will be of particular interest to those foiling and pushing new boundaries.