When the Olympic Windsurfing movement began to feel the need to embrace foiling, the ‘hybrid’ board was considered the best solution rather than a dedicated foil board. A foiling dedicated board, can be micro-sized and hydrodynamical considerations take on less relevance; indeed deck layout of straps and ergonomics become the greater part of focus. The hybrid board on the other hand, must perform first and foremost as a conventional freeride board with deep tuttle box and therefore, hydrodynamics remains the prima facie concern of the designer in addition to deck ergonomics.

The ability to affix a foil of your choice, adds versatility without limiting your use to one or the other endeavour. The Mistral Hyperslide was designed with this in mind and a collaborative concept by Ernstfried Prade and Steve West. The undersurface features a forward concave to cushion re-entries when foiling, in addition to smoothing out corrugated water surfaces while the rail profiles provide a balance between control in the turns and limiting tripping at high speeds. Quick on the plane, the Mistral Hyperslide rides beautifully with purpose and accelerates with ease and minimal retardation from drag. Foot strap positions permit in-board and out-board settings in consideration of conventional out board feet positioning for regular use and possible in-board settings when foiling as suits the individual.

With a volume of 128L the design accommodates a wide variety of body weights from light to heavy and with specs of 239cm x 76.6m x 10.9cm, this board is designed to get up and going with ease.

If it’s a hybrid freeride-foil board you seek, consider the Mistral Hyperslide as your future best ride into the future . . . VIEW and /or  DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO Mistral Hybrid Hyperslide Windsurfing

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