When the idea to create a 2021 Collectors Edition Mistral Calendar featuring imagery of the 80s, celebrating 45 years of Mistral’s existence was considered, it set in motion an emotional, nostalgic journey down memory lane. Ulli Seer, Mistral’s lead photographer was finally back in touch with Mistral, a man who for more than 20 years, nurtured a vision of Mistral, unique within the windsurfing world. His imagery, a manifestation of a furtive mind, blended with Mistral’s rainbow colour co-ordinated colours and designs of the time, reflected the fashion and mood of the 80s; from the beaches to the high-streets, optimism was omnipresent, reflected in fun-times in a paradisiacal waterscape backdrop from Hawaii to the Maldives.

The hard task was in selecting just 12 primary images for the task at hand. Add to this the age of the images, which had been shot on slides (transparency film) requiring hours of painstaking work to clean and make ready for print at such a large size. We wanted a large format A1 sized poster sized reproduction of the highest quality, so as not only could you enjoy a month by month ‘Mistral Moment’ from the past, but also the opportunity to consider removing and framing some of the images behind glass or simply stick to the wall of your garage or office.

In selecting the images we wanted mostly to capture the essence of the 80s, the drama of the colours and the youthful, enthusiastic, brilliance of Mistral’s Team Riders of the time in action. In the end, the choices were simple enough and we are very proud to announce the release of this fabulous calendar with immediate effect. Hurry while stocks last – a superb gift for yourself or for any Mistral lover you know! Purchase Direct from the Mistral On-Line Store