Petronella Van Malsen wins the 2020 220km 11 Cities Tour – Petronella has been a constant force at Holland’s now famous 11 Cities SUP event as indeed has Mistral. Since 2015 Mistral Team Riders Seychelle Hattingh, Lena Guimares Ribeiro and Petronella have dominated the event. To achieve this, we’ve been privileged to design the race winning Vortex boards which have proved themselves over and over and in 2015 Seychelle achieved a Guiness World Record paddling the Vortex 110.47 miles in 24hrs.

The current Vortex SD1 was used by Petronella for the 2020 Edition and we have a new SD2 in the pipeline for 2021, not as a replacement to the SD1 but as a sister design with added rocker and some very cool design features. Of course the paddle, being an extension of the paddler is not insignificant and with the exception of Seychelle, Petronella and Lena have used Mistral paddles consistently as did Steeve Teihotaata in his podium wins and placings in 2015 and 2016. 

This year, Petronella opted for the newly released high aspect Chevron paddle, which is a mere 6.5″ in width, which features a central raised dihedral and V shaped concave towards the tip. The dihedral serves to separate water left and right evenly so as to provide improved balanced and reduced feathering during the pull phase, while the lower positioned V shaped concave serves to improve the potential for better catch and therefore potential pull during the power phase. Full carbon with ABS plastic reinforced edging.

Be sure to invest wisely in your paddle, it’s the mechanical extension of you the paddler. If you need advice feel free to contact us directly . . .