We welcome Norwegian Endre Funnemark as our newest Mistral Team Rider. Endre, lives in the cold, crisp and purest of air in Norway and has grown up surrounded by nature in the freshest of air with the cleanest and coldest of waters.

Endre was born in 1998 and is a full-time professional windsurfer strategically working towards the Tokyo 2021 and Paris 2024 Olympics. Being a happy, smiling, energetic and colourful person, Endre is the perfect fit with the Mistral brand and our values being a determined, goal oriented, adrenalin junkie enjoying the outdoors and all things ocean related. When he’s not windsurfing, his activities include cliff jumping, climbing, running, diving and surfing and in being Norwegian, it is mandatory and a part of his heritage to participate in sports like off-piste, alpine and cross-country skiing in which he excels.

In addition to windsurfing his way towards the Tokyo Olympics, he loves to play on the Quikslide board with the Zonda rig and have fun with friends on the Squab. Here in Norway, a Mistral wetsuit is obligatory for Endre’s active life in the cold Norwegian water. He is super stoked about Mistral coming out with foil and wing for the 2021 season and we look forward to seeing him test pilot and enjoy the fun afforded from foiling. For Endre it is all about moving fast and having fun.