In our Mistral inflatable board kit, you will find a plastic valve spanner. “Why do I need it?” you ask. Well it’s possible the internal valve can work loose and from time to time it’s worth just checking that it’s nice a tight – but don’t over-tighten. If your board seems to be losing air and you see no damage, it it may well be leaking from the valve which you can check with soapy water or sometimes just by listening. Additionally, if you ever have to replace a faulty valve, the spanner is essential. When you unscrew the valve, do so carefully and you will notice the tiny drop stitch strands inside the board. When replacing the valve, be careful to make sure these nylon strands do not foul the threads valve threads. If going on a SUP expedition of some type, it’s always a good idea to take your valve spanner with you as you never know when you (or someone else) will need it! Stay safe and happy paddling.