You can always count on your feet getting cold when winter paddling on your SUP. So what can you do about? Well, you could wear long boots and some do, but there are some draw backs. They don’t offer the best traction, your feet can sweat and get cold because of it and if you were to fall, they will fill with water and that can present a real danger.

Our neoprene sneakers with a unique high grip sole, worn with water proof socks; yes you heard right, waterproof socks can be a nice neat solution where you get the freedom of movement you need, high grip and less issue if you fall into the water.  Remember if your feet get cold enough, you will not feel the board under your feet so in this respect, this is an important consideration.

Not only are these neoprene sneakers great in winter, but are so robust you can wear with jeans and in summer, protects feet from burning hot sand and sharp objects on the beach! Check them out today.