In 2017, Mistral introduced Fusion Layer Technology  (FLT) in a response to changing user demands and the need to keep pace with technology.
The outer surface layer of the PVC fabric was made water and air tight, through application of a liquid reinforced polyester which cures to form a tough outer boundary we named, Fusion Layer Technology (FLT). The finished fused material, consists of an inner sleeving core fabric to which the drop stitch is woven and the outer, sealed with reinforced liquid PVC.
In 2019 we combined FLT with a ‘woven’ drop stitch material, representing a move away from traditional ‘knitted’ fabrics. Woven drop stitch material is thinner, offering increased tensile strength due to the way the internal fibres are woven, less layers (laminates are needed) and this brought about a 20% decrease in weight over a knitted drop stitch board.
This was good for the environment and offering improved levels transportability and performance through added rigidity and less weight. With this technology, Mistral inflatable stand up paddle boards, were truly at the peak level of quality and performance.
For 2021, we’ve gone further, increasing the number of interlocking drop stitches per square centimetre, from 11,000 to 13,600 and increase of 2,600 and by making the threads thinner, we’ve created inflatables which are now ‘next level’ rigid without weight increase! Mistral inflatable boards, ahead of the pack!  Download the info!