The most drop stitch, thread-dense inflatable boards will be soon be released on to the market up from 11,000 stitches per inch to 13,500 per inch and why does this matter? It’s all to do with eliminating shock waves running through the length of the board.

Thinner Thread – More of them by x 2500
By using thinner threads in order to keep our ultra light weight status when increasing their number , the net affect results in a baffling affect which reduces the shock waves travelling the length of the board when meeting on coming waves and from the action of dynamic forces acting on the board by the paddlers body weight and motion.

Limiting Board Flex
Board flex has been one of the principal issues to overcome with an air filled PVC void. Even laminated boards flex to a degree, but tend to spring back quickly. So too our new Double Skin Fusion Layer (DSFL) boards. This technology is particularly important when constructing boards over 11′ in length, while all other boards benefit from weight reduction and also overall rigidity and performance.

  • Benefits and Improvements
    * added threads act to provide faster recoil in pulling the board back into shape
    * provide greater internal structural stability
    * increased forward contributory momentum during the snap-back
    * lowered overall board weight on average by 10% from our FLT technology
    * insurance against thread failure in sharing the load between more strands
    * improved glide during the exit and recovery phases of the stroke
  • * reduced morphing of board shape resulting in less loss of energy and momentum
    * a smoother ride and a more enjoyable experience
    * exclusive to Mistral

All in all this is giant step in the evolution of drop stitch inflatable material which has come a long way since Goodyear invested in this technology in the 1950s with the view to building military bridges and even aeroplanes – now this vision may just be possible.

Mistral Product Guide 2021
In addition to our testing of DSFL boards, we’ve compiled our 2021 Mistral Product Guide, which clearly explains the full extent of our exciting Stand Up Paddleboard, Windsurfing and Accessories.

Download DSFL Test Synopsis
Download 2021 Mistral Product Guide