PaddleBoardYoga is the result of our love for the open sea, the fulfilment of sharing our knowledge and the excitement of discovery we experience in our journeys and yet to come. Having travelled extensively to exotic and unknown destinations we chose without hesitation to base our endeavor in Chania, Crete. Call it back to the roots or strong ties with the earth and sea of Crete, the truth is that we discovered that every exotic spot we visited lays in our backyard.

Waste no time! Discover what the island of Crete has to offer and be the first one to do so with PaddleBoardYoga. Be it the coastline, the hidden picturesque lakes or the mythical rivers from the island’s mountains. Experience it all from a unique angle of view.

Stefanos Averkiou (your host) has been around water all of his life. Born near the sea, his love for the water and the fulfilment it entails has always guided and affected his choices. Competing from an early age in and out of the water he developed the passion and stamina to pursue his goals no matter the level of difficulty.