touring cruising board

Your adventure starts here with a board that’s not only stable with ample volume, but deceptively sleek in the water, with wave piercing sturgeon nose design and long parallel rails. A pleasure to paddle with excellent glide and efficiently. The graphics are subdued and the carbon / kevlar construction ensures it is extra durable for adventuring trips. The Adventurist makes a great additional board if you wish to take your paddling to another level, without the investment in a top of the range design.

Colour: Brushed carbon white and lime green with grey EVA non-slip padding.

* multiple sizes available

  • Length
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Liters
  • Buoyancy
  • 384
  • 71
  • 18.4
  • TBA kg
  • 254
  • 55-75
  • Length: 384
  • Width: 71
  • Thickness: 18.4
  • Weight: TBA kg
  • Liters: 254
  • 427
  • 71
  • 18.6
  • TBA kg
  • 289
  • 65-100
  • Length: 427
  • Width: 71
  • Thickness: 18.6
  • Weight: TBA kg
  • Liters: 289

The Adventurist is fast cruising board for riders between 55-75kg + cargo.

Carbon and Kevlar and epoxy construction over polyurethane foam core. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) non-slip diamond patterned foam, neoprene over webbing handles, stainless screws, elasticated rubber cargo net.
Avoid storing in direct high. When dry, store in dry, well ventilated place avoid humid heat sources.
Use a board bag to protect from abrasions and off water damage and when on roof rack of vehicle.
Developed and tested by our design team in Holland and the UK. Components have been tested to ensure they meet nominal expectations of performance within reasonable expectations of form, function and budget.
Repair any damages using epoxy based resin only.

SUP technology has advanced over the years, however require the end-user to take good care through responsible ownership. The advantages of iSUP ownership are clearly related to convenience of transportation and storage, cost and low impact use.

  • Rinse salt water from board after use with fresh
  • Towel or air dry before stowage
  • Do not drag over rough surfaces
  • Store out of strong UV
  • Do not store in a humid place
  • Avoid sand falling into the valve
  • Do not over inflate
  • Inflate within (-) 2 psi of recommendation
  • Do not store fully inflated
  • Reduce to 5psi if storing inflated
  • Do not store when wet
  • Fold neatly avoiding fin box

If you’re getting your iSUP out of storage after a long winter, it’s advised you take some time to do some basic maintenance checks at home.

  • Inflate to recommended PSI
  • If stored deflated check fold lines are OK
  • Make a close inspection of the seams for any leaks
  • Do same with the valve and re-tighten using the valve spanner
  • Check fin box and fin fitment
  • Check D-Ring connections
  • Check deck pad
  • Check for any discolouration due to bacteria
  • Wash and scrub board with cool soapy water
  • Observe for any ‘bubbling’ caused by leaks
  • Make a note of PSI and leave for 48hrs
  • Check PSI and note any lose of pressure
  • Investigate any issues and address / fix
  • For minor none seam leak issues fix using repair kit
  • Seam failure often requires professional input
  • Consider contacting inflatable boat repairers