Mistral Big Sup 18' & 16' inflatable

Big Sup 18′ & 16′

Mistral Big Sup 18' & 16' inflatable

Mistral pioneered the Big SUP concept and we offer 16′ and 18′ models. If you want to draw attention to yourself, win friends and have a guaranteed fun experience or require a perfect corporate day ice-breaker or challenge, or need to create a marketing sensation for your SUP school or hire operation, our mistral Big SUPs will not disappoint.

Key Features - Big Sup fun

Pro Level
Multiple Sizes
  • 18'0x57"x8"
  • 1.413ltr
  • 32 kg
  • 16'0x59"x8"
  • 1.226 ltr
  • 30 kg

For SUP schools, the Big SUP makes a fantastic work station. Run your courses from the comfort of the platform. It is the ultimate crowd pleaser and as a marketing and promotional apparatus, nothing comes to close. As an investment, you will reap the benefits, draw attention and create an instant sensation.