Equinox 14

Mistral Equinox 14 sup hardboard

The Equinox 14′ has won many a great race including the Air France race in Tahiti and finished in Podium placing in 2018 and in early 2018 set a record time on one of South Africa’s famous downwind runs. For smaller confused or choppy waters, the new 2018 Equinox excels like few others.

Mistral Equinox 14 sup hardboard

Race 14'0

Key Features

Pro Level
  • 14'0x24,6"x10'3
  • 11,5kg

The 2018 Equinox has undergone changes to improve on this classic design. Taking its name from the change of seasons which tends to bring strong winds to certain parts of the world. Downwind, this board is fast in moderate sized bumps (up to 3′) and responsive. Upwind it’s comfortable in handling chop and makes the perfect racing board over waters which demand more of both paddler and board.

Choppy water paddling demands a very different board shape. You need added volume and a very different approach to the designing of the nose area and a blend of semi-displacement and flatter planning areas. You want a board which can punch upwind and when turned downwind, will catch and chase bumps with ease.

The new 2018 Equinox is one of Steeve Teihotaata’s favourite boards, finishing 3rd in highly contested 2018 Air France event in Tahiti and in early 2018 it set the record time in South Africa for one of its most famous downwind runs,

When the winds pick up and you want a board design which can cope with all the action of moving water, you want a design that works with the water around it, not against it. The board is designed to blend beautifully with the nuances of choppy waters. The added volume keeps you moving without stalling, the rounded nose keeps the ride smooth at all times and water run off is super smooth and clean. There’s no sharp edges, which means there are no nasty surprises, making the board highly predictable. Not just quick on rougher waters, it’s quick over flatter waters.

Downwind, this board is fast and responsive, willingly dropping in on the bumps, it’s effortless effort as it rides and glides with ease. Upwind it’s comfortable in handling chop and makes the perfect racing board over waters which demand more of both paddler and board. A winning board of the Air France event in Tahiti and 3rd place in 2018.

10” US fin box (fin not included)
Dual set of scuppers – side vent drains x 4
Dual leash attachment points (front / back)
Side mounted grab handle points
FCS insert for GPS

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