Levuka wave rider cruiser

“The Levuka 11’2 is a true all rounder. From longboard esque style waves and cruising nooks and crannies across all waters . . . if you’re after one board that does it all, rather than owning a quiver of boards, then we’d suggest checking Mistral’s Levuka out. I was surprised how efficient a flat water paddler it was. Considering its wave prowess you’d imagine this was not too good. Yet for cruising and touring I can’t really fault it.” (Stand Up Paddle Mag UK April 2018)

Levuka wave rider cruiser

Wave and cruise

Key Features

Pro Level
  • 11'2x32,2"x4'6"
  • 191ltr
  • 12,5kg

The Levuka 11’2 tri-fin, offers the rider ease of paddling and ease of wave catching and riding. Forgiving and fun to ride, the Levuka fills the need for a board which permits ease of paddling out and standing between rides on mellow shallow plunging and surging waves or simply as a fun board to own.

Fast and responsive, the rails provide excellent control and responsiveness which improves your riding stoke and pleasure. On flat days, the Levuka will provide hours of fun on a stable paddling platform. A wave catching gem. The longer what line length makes this board a dream to paddle onto a wave. Ride smaller waves with ease – the tri fin set up and rocker line, makes the board ‘loose’ for a longer board and ideal for learners and catching your first wave!

  • Tri fin set up (fins not included)
  • Mistral 4.2” side-bites and 9” centre fin available separately
  • Super strong and versatile
  • Futures side-bite box system
  • Leash plug
  • Recessed carry handle


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Levuka wave rider cruiser


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