Squab New Wave

Mistral Squab new wave sup surf hardboard

The Squab New Wave shape, is based upon the original idea of a shape know as the Vanguard, of which Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson is credited with. This uniquely different shape to that of a conventional classic eliptical surfboard, demonstrates ultra parallel lines allowing it to be ridden smaller and narrower than previousy considered functional, maintained by ideal rider volume and foam distribution. Parallel lines reduce drag and increases planing lift, improving potential speed as a result of lessened water resistance. Suits point breaks, beach breaks, hollow and fuller waves, which are clean and smooth.

Mistral Squab new wave sup hardboard

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Key Features

Pro Level
Multiple Sizes
  • 7'2, 7'6, 7'10
  • 99ltr
  • 6.5 KG
  • 7'6x29"x4.1"
  • 113 ltr
  • 7.0 kg
  • 7'10x30.3"x4.3"
  • 129 ltr
  • 7.8 kg

Known simply as ‘Tomo’ shapes by many surfers, SUP brands have embraced the shape over the past few years and indeed it has become rapidly favoured by many and embraced by SUP surfers. One of the great advantages is the ease of travelling with a board which can be considerably shorter than with that of a conventional eliptical shape which any one rider can manage to stand and perform on.

Natural selection has lead us to the point of including the ‘Tomo’ shape within our quiver of surf SUPs. Giving the brief into the hands of Chris Diplock who had already some experience in shaping boards of a similar design, he was 100% behind the project in sharing the vision for the effectiveness of this proven shape in the context of surfing. In discussions we concluded to keep the underside channels simple and to offer a 5 fin configuration and offer up 3 different sizes.

We also opted to use Future Fin Boxes, on the basis the laminated process of fitment is stronger than of FCS and given that the torsional loads are greater on that of a SUP than a surfboard, strength was our primary concern.

We recommend 5″ fins (Mistral 5″ Honeycomb fins supplied separately with bag and key as standard) Relative to your body weight and style you will need to experiment to find the optimum mix of fitment and sizing.


7’2 x 27.7″ x 3.9″ x 98.8lt
7’6 x 29″ x 4.1″ x 113lt (Featured Board)
7’10 x 30.3″ x 4.3″ x 129lt

Mistral Mistral adventurist 14'0 hardboard




9'6x31 1/2x4 3/8
Mistral Mistral Interceptor SUP hardboard


17'6" x 24.3" x 363L
Mistral Mistral Stealth sup hardboard


17'6" x 24" x 307L
Mistral Mistral Malia 12'6 sup hardboard

Malia 12’6

12’6 x 28” x 7.5”
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Vanquish 14.0



Mistral Mistral Equinox 12.6 sup hardboard

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Slipstream 12’6 flatwater


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Mistral Mistral Squab new wave sup hardboard

Squab New Wave

7'2, 7'6, 7'10
Mistral Mistral Cloud Boards sup surf hardboard

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8'2, 8'6 ,9'2

Levu & Fiji