Tribe Bali

Designed with kids in mind, the Bali Board forms part of our Tribe Range suitable for junior aged paddlers entering the SUP world. At only 8’6″ x 27″ the Bali is easily managed on and off water. Small, super light and nimble and meet the needs of kids who want to have fun and learn skill through discovery learning, no matter how creative they want to be or whether they just want to use it as swimming platform to have fun with their friends.

Tribe Bali

Tribe entry and school

Key Features

Pro Level
  • 8'6x27"x6"
  • 210lt
  • 7.6kg

Entry level boards require certain design features in order to provide the best possible, first time learner experience and there is a tendency to want to create for entry level paddlers, overly wide boards and simple elliptical shapes, which ultimately lack character and any real functionality, accept stability.

Created to a fun addition to our range, the Bali comes complete with nose grab handle and cargo net, slide in fin (no tools required), with superior comfort and grip from the diamond patterned non slip EVA and smooth skin further forward.

Super easy to turn the Bali is the super cool and fun board for kids to proudly own and call
their own. The pointed nose permits upwind paddling in comfort while the wider tail area, provides an
excellent platform for step back turns and loads of fun executing fun turns.

We’ve pulled the nose in tight to make up-wind paddling smoother and the board streamlined from the paddler’s perspective when on board. A wide tail adds huge gains in stability and the longer extended parallel side rails adds to the boards ability to hold a straight line when required, with relatively limited extra steering strokes.

In speaking with may instructors, the feedback was that the board should have a nose section which can handle chop upwind and be shaped to promote speed and stability. A wide rear section provides the stability, while the narrowing toward the nose, gives a pleasant, streamlined feel to the board, the first time paddler appreciates. A cargo net and a D-ring for towing and securing, front and back, plus the addition of a nose grab handle, all come together to make for an exceptional entry level board for all-comers.

Mostly our Tribe boards represent fun and versatily and when combined with Mistral’s Fusion Layer Technology (FLT) the boards are super light and easy to live with in, in carrying to the waters edge and when paddling and enjoying.

Shows Tribe board range
Video of Bali board soon to come

Incorporates Mistral Fusion Layer Technology (FLT) utilising Liquid Polyester Infusion technology (LPI), Cross-Woven Polyfibre (CWP) and Tri-Rail Layering (QRL)

Grab Handle
Cargo Net
Slide in Fin
Quality non slip EVA
D-ring tethering points front and back
D-ring leash attachment point
Highly manoeuvrable
Light and fast
Easy manageable
Custom sized mini-bag with wheels

2 wheeled super durable cordura water proof travel bag
Single / double action pump with gauge
Repair kit

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