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Vol Metric and What it All Means

A confusing and misunderstood issues of board choice, is that of volume, generally specified in litres. This amount, also referred to as ‘vol metric’, was born out of the windsurfing years, when boards for wave sailing in particular, were reduced down in size to that of surf board proportions, to improve wave riding performance. So… Read more »

Mistral USA

Not unexpectedly, we have regular requests and enquiries from the USA with regards to our SUP boards. The performance merits, the designs and overall appeal and interest for our boards and of the Mistral brand, remains as strong as ever. Considering the range of product available in the USA, that Mistral still creates interest is… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions?

During any investigative process, it’s only normal to want to ask questions in order to bring you to some conclusion and no more so is the process important in relation the buying / investment process. Critically, you may know some basic questions to ask and can easily research, such as the cost, the specs and… Read more »

Black Friday 30% discount

We’ve some fantastic offers for you at our Mistral On-Line Store​, which will make gift buying a breeze, but be sure to get in early and remember to allow for postage and packing lead times. So, what are you waiting for. Let your fingers do the walking and simply click through and get started on… Read more »

International Mistral One Design

One-Design craft permit at least one variable to be consistent in the context of racing and over the course of racing history, no other factor has been more successful in assisting the growth and popularity of racing between all-comers. Suffice to say this is true in the context of sailing and many paddle sports and… Read more »

Why Inflatable Techno-Design Matters

While it’s easy to get carried away with all the virtues of inflatable sup board ownership, it’s as well to stop and consider their vulnerability in a harsh environment and how this can make you too, vulnerable to any catastrophic failure of the board you stand on. If you’re reading this and thinking of buying… Read more »

New Inflatable Material for 2019

First developed by Good Year Tires in the USA, with the backing of the US Military, the idea for inflatable drop stitch material was to consider the creation of inflatable bridges and even an inflatable plane. That was back in the 1950s and the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since this time, whereby… Read more »

Passion for Classic windsurfing

There are many things in life that were once ‘better’ than they are now and if not better, certainly more appealing and timeless. Classic cars, classic rock, classic clothing are iconic reminders of the best of the best, where it was not just about functionality, but style. Classic windsurfing, is exemplified by boards such as… Read more »

What’s in a Name?

As if the name ‘Mistral’ is not already iconoclastic enough, in the world of windsurfing and more recently, stand up paddle boarding, so too during its 40 year history, there have been other names associated with the brand that ring out; Malibu, Kailua, Pan Am, Competition, Equipe, Screamer to name but a few. However, the… Read more »

Prepare for Winter Paddling

With our European summer behind us and autumn now in full force, it won’t be long before winter winds and sea temperatures will fall and many of you will be considering storing your boards away until the spring time. On the other hand, there are many beautiful low wind, clear sky winter days which can… Read more »