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Twin Air Inflatable Tech!

Mistral’s Twin Air Inflatable Technology® is not the simple addition of a secondary chamber, but in fact   utilisation of two equally sized left and right chambers. The advantages of additional rigidity are significant and out perform any other iSUP brand on the market requiring tensioners and stringers. This has been developed in a stagnating… Read more »

CarboWing Makes Front Cover!

With the recent announcement of Mistral’s CarboWing, there has been a stirring of great interest over the new design concept, which includes uniques features such as fully adjustable twist up and down boom height adjustment, foiled mast, super light boom with internal lines, integrated mast foot and other neat features. Our thanks to Windsurfing UK… Read more »

Brazilian Surfing Champ Joins Mistral

Brazilian Karol Ribeiro, is one of our newest signings and we’re very pleased to have her on board with us. Karol fits in perfectly with our ‘Water Life and Living’ mantra, a life that she truly lives to the fullest. A rising surfing star on the global stage, Karol is already a surfing star and… Read more »

Pre-Order Twin Air Inflatables!

Since the launch of our revolutionary Twin Air Inflatable Tech Boards at the Dusseldorf Show, namely the Windsurfing Boards, Hip Hop, Boogie and Jive and SUP Boards Salsa, Tango and La Bamba, interest has been extremely high as might be expected. If you are in the market for a new inflatable or an upgrade, you… Read more »

Dusseldorf 2020 A Success

There was much anticipation leading up to one of Europe’s largest International Boat and Small Craft Shows held in Dusseldorf, Germany. With the SUP market looking for new ideas and pathways for continued growth and the Windsurfing market looking to make a come back, it was left to Mistral to make the biggest impact. Our… Read more »

The CarboWing

The show continues in Dusseldorf and the star has been the CarboWing rig, which takes the basic Bermudan Sail and rig format originally conceived for the sport of windsurfing in the mid 60s to a whole new level, embracing yacht and dinghy advances in design. In the history of windsurfing, there’s been many ideas come… Read more »

It’s Show Time!

It’s that time of year during winter hibernation in the Northern Hemisphere, when the shows begin to roll out, with brands showing off their latest offerings. This weekend the Dusseldorf Boot Show begins from the 18th to the 26th of January. One of Mistral’s longest serving distributor retailers, Sports Vibrations managed by Ulla and Wolfgang… Read more »

Mistral 2020 Brochure!

Brace yourself for a new world of Mistral, because while other brands have been asleep at the wheel, we’ve managed to reinvent it! From radical new construction techniques of our inflatable boards using Twin Air Technology® to a complete re-think and redesign of the windsurfing rig and sail with our new CarboWing. So advanced is… Read more »

Happy New Year!

2020 has arrived and it’s that time of year when you take stock of your life, your dreams, your vision for all that want to be, want to do and when to do it. Here at Mistral we consider ourselves a ‘Dream Factory’ creating water sports craft of desire that help to assist your lifestyle,… Read more »

It’s Christmas!

So Christmas has arrived and the weekend is upon us and many of you will be preparing for the big day. In the meantime, we’ve just returned from a photo shoot in Fuerteventura and we’re now busy preparing the imagery and the video material, future thinking for forthcoming shows and promotional material, while making final… Read more »