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Floatation Issues

Buoyancy aids, personnel floatation devices (PFDs), lifejackets / vests, are a much misunderstood safety apparatus worth knowing at least the basics. When SUP first came on to the market and safety issues were raised, one thing was certain, wearing a leg leash was and remains the most important safety measure you can take. The board… Read more »

Aloha – Have a Nice Day!

So, you’ve purchased your SUP board and taken your first tentative steps toward alluding to being a part of the surfing fraternity, which along with it, brings entitlement to wearing ‘aloha’ patterned shirts and board shorts, exchanging ‘shakas’ and funny hand shakes, covering your vehicle with frangipani stickers and related brands, whilst from your rear… Read more »

An Existentialists
Guide to SUP

An ‘existential condition’ is said to manifest as a result of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world, indicative of the way you may feel when confronted with the purchase of new equipment or indeed what to do once you’ve got it. Given this revelation, it’s quite plausible an… Read more »

Why Length Matters?

If you look back over the history of surfing and windsurfing, they share the commonality of having started life as long-boards, relative to the evolutionary path they ultimately followed. Whether it has been contemporary tongue-depressor Malibu surf boards or that of the ancient Hawaiian’s long planks, original surfboards were long and so too, original windsurfing… Read more »

Confused? You should be!

It’s reasonable to say, there’s never been a greater choice of water sports on offer, but with it, comes confusion and the very real possibility what’s on offer might just be a fad, a short term craze, even a step too far, more for the benefit of brands who are attention seeking in attempting to… Read more »

SUP – Should I Take Lessons?

When a sport is promoted as ‘easy’ there is a risk of also promoting it as a sport without skill or indeed of any place to go in terms of expectations. The original promotional efforts of the industry promoting SUP as a ‘surf sport’ first and foremost over that of a ‘paddle sport’ has played… Read more »

Hard boards have a hard time!

On the face of it, with some 70% of all sales of SUP boards being inflatable, the obvious question is why? This can be summarised by the term, urban-paddler-traveller, whereby the hype of the sport beyond ‘It offers a core workout’ for those who remember, soon polarised quickly into the idea, here was a recreational… Read more »

Mistral – A Timeless Appeal

With Mistral’s latest 2019 range of retro-inspired casual wear just having been released, it’s perhaps interesting to consider the sub-culture of surf branded clothing, which is set for an overdue comeback to popularity. Any association with the world of surfing has been a powerful mechanism for selling a dream, an idea through the power of… Read more »

Bringing Windsurfing Back!

When you get down to it, windsurfing has had a very rough time of it ever since kitesurfing came along. The irony of it was, the very same individuals and brands that killed off windsurfing were those involved in the windsurfing industry and then everyone asks, ‘What happened to windsurfing?’ It was not as if… Read more »

New Episode of Mistral Live

We’ve a fantastic initiative to share with you in this, our 4th Mistral Live Show, with the launch of Magical Mistral Tours​, encouraging you to explore inland waterways local to you. Holland is showcased, with Dutch Champion Janneke Smits who explains some of the great opportunities that await for SUP exploration on Holland’s famous waterways…. Read more »