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Mistral USA

Not unexpectedly, we have regular requests and enquiries from the USA with regards to our SUP boards. The performance merits, the designs and overall appeal and interest for our boards and of the Mistral brand, remains as strong as ever. Considering the range of product available in the USA, that Mistral still creates interest is… Read more »

Black Friday 30% discount

We’ve some fantastic offers for you at our Mistral On-Line Store​, which will make gift buying a breeze, but be sure to get in early and remember to allow for postage and packing lead times. So, what are you waiting for. Let your fingers do the walking and simply click through and get started on… Read more »

Prepare for Winter Paddling

With our European summer behind us and autumn now in full force, it won’t be long before winter winds and sea temperatures will fall and many of you will be considering storing your boards away until the spring time. On the other hand, there are many beautiful low wind, clear sky winter days which can… Read more »

2018 11 Cities

The dust has more or less settled from this years 2018 11 Cities event and with it there was plenty of discussion as to its future and indeed the future of SUP. Nothing should be taken for granted, in so much as a sport ​or an event will take care of itself. Innovation and ways… Read more »

Spain to North Africa

When an idea to paddle 227km between the Spanish mainland region of Malaga to North Africa was recently conceived, the first thing which came to mind was of course, which board to use? Departing from Malaga the journey would pass by Alboran Island and then on to Melilla, a small North African Spanish-administered autonomous City,… Read more »

The Path of the Paddle

Paddlesports have consistently grown worldwide each year for the past 15 years. Indeed the only activity which consistently out performs paddling, in all its forms, is hiking. For us here at Mistral, the option to embrace the sport more fully through the development of a highly advanced, drop stitch kayak which can double also as… Read more »

Be sun smart with your gear!

We all love warm, sunny days for our on water sessions, but when the UV rays and temperatures begin to climb to crazy highs, we immediately respond by taking care of ourselves, with UV protection clothing in the form of lycras, caps and sunglasses, maybe even sun creams, but the same should be true of… Read more »

Life’s a Beach

If you’re the kind of person who day dreams of the beach, or of far away islands and would rather be on the water, or in it, we here at Mistral, know the feeling well; it’s the very reason we exist. For over 40 years, we’ve been developing, designing, creating and supporting all manner of… Read more »

A hot summer

With Europe currently baking under a hot summer, our thoughts turn to two significant races on the not too distant horizon. The first of these, follows on from last weeks post ‘The Second Coming of SUP’,​ in which we iterate the point, that regardless of your view of what SUP is by definition, Canoe and… Read more »

A Legend is Reborn

Our annual distributor meeting, provides Mistral Red Dot with the opportunity to share new products, insights and activities and for individual distributors from around the world to meet with one another, share ideas and discuss the industry in general. It can be a passionate process which involves a fine balance of ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ between… Read more »