Chris Diplock works hand in hand with Steve West on all design projects and between them, they have created iconic Mistral designs. Whether Surfboards, SUP, Windsurfing of Foil boards, the designs are always the highest examples of hydrodynamic efficiency and beauty.

Chris began board shaping in 1987 inspired after a trip to Australia. He lives and works in Cornwall England, together with partner Paul Fluid a talented board builder and laminator. A lot of the inspiration for making boards comes from the people he has worked with, some of them glassers, shapers, designers, sanders, and sprayers. They all contribute to the finished board without them it wouldn’t work and here’s a few names we’ve been fortunate to rub shoulders with: Albert Whiteman, Errol Hickman, Phil Northey, Larry Loggins, Rich Pavel, Mandala, Nigel Semmens, Matt Biolos, Simon Lockley, Daz Needham, Brian Bulkley.

“Today working alongside Steve West and Mistral, combining his invaluable knowledge of paddle sports, with that of windsurfing, has allowed me to use my shaping knowledge in a new and exciting way and open my eyes to the world of SUP design.”