A time-proven blade shape, favourite amongst many paddlers for their simplicity and ease of use. Whether cruising, racing or in the surf, this teardrop paddle is at home and delivers a fantastic performance. All carbon, lightweight construction.

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Easy to use and with a super positive feel, the blade enters cleanly and provides a very positive catch and pull with an effortless exit at the end of the stroke. Has a rounded, narrow gauge shaft for ease of grip. Used by our team riders for many national and international victories, the feel is supremely positive and manageable. With no scoops within the blade face, the water releases cleanly at the end of the stroke so as limit early fatigue. At entry, the blade enters cleanly with minimal air down take and quickly moves through to the catch and power phase, capable of delivering plenty of pull and drive. The shaft is of medium flex, so the recoil is positive on the exit for the swing-through recovery and not so soft to flex during the power phase. The rounded narrow gauge shaft promotes a relaxed grip: a great value, high-end paddle. 

  • Handle Palm Grip
  • Base Material Carbon
Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description A unidirectional carbon-epoxy shaft ensures continuous, even curvature. Carbon-epoxy 12k twill blade, foam core and reinforced PVC blade edging.
  • Care Sand out any blade chips with 150 grit, and use epoxy only for repairs.
  • Storage Consider a padded paddle bag to protect from impact damage when not used.
Product size
  • Product height Fixed length shaft; must be cut to length
  • Color Black
Surface area
74.7 sq inches (blade length 15" x 7.25" wide x 450g)