International Mistral One Design

Mistral's association with the One Design concept of racing is historically unprecedented.

From the brands founding in 1976, it has always been community focused, both locally, nationally and internationally and central to the brand's ethos, has been that racing must be made as fair and open as possible to all-comers. The One Design concept is very simple in its philosophy, in that racing is brought down to the central factor of "Person vs Person" and that the equipment remains the same for all. Not withstanding issues of variance of age, gender, physiology or ability, if all-comers are on the same piece of equipment, this then forms the basis of a level start point.

50 IMOD boards make up a Japanese fleet at present, with another 50 on the way for 2108.
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Plans are in place to extend the IMOD concept into other regions and to develop community based social racing.


Beautifull images of the Students Sup League Japan also called SSLJ on the Mistral One Design Class inflatables Video provided by takeda lab @waseda.sup #mistral#mistral_int#students#japan#sup#league#mistraljapan#sea#adventure#competition#inflatablesup#inflatable#onedesign#onedesignclass#12.6"#imod#allonsameboard

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