That was then; this is now…

Cheesy titles aside January 2021 on the UK’s south coast (from a watersports point of view) has been pretty good. Unexpectedly. We say unexpectedly as January, at the best of times, is smack in the depths of winter and the weather this way on is hardly predictable. Add to the mix COVID Lockdown 3.0, where movement is heavily restricted, and it doesn’t bode well for much on paper.

MIstral’s prototype 4m wing foiling wing in action.

Yet looking back it’s ended up a good ‘un. Not only has it been relatively mild, with not too bad water temps, Momma Nature’s chippa moods are always welcome. Breeze has been favourable, with tides coinciding with good wing foiling sessions. Warmer days have also combined with smatterings of pretty good swell at points. So, stand up paddle surfing (Hayling Island, to the uninitiated, is great for a spot of sweeping waves), windsurfing (Hayling’s the home of the sport if you didn’t know with Peter Chilvers cobbling together the first windsurfing set up in 1958), surfing (the standard kind) and foiling. In particular, a raft of idyllic SUP foiling days have been enjoyed around the middle part of Jan coupled with plenty of wing foiling shenanigans.

If you missed it, and haven’t been taking notice of Mistral’s social media feeds, then the fact we’re currently working on wing foiling products could’ve passed you by. Wingin’ – arguably the most headline of all flight disciplines currently – continues to grab attention and draw in new participants. Other levitation sports (such as SUP/surf foiling and such) also captivate and spark conversation, albeit to a slightly lesser degree. There’s no question, however, that wing foiling (and foiling in general) is something Mistral plans on being part of. That’s why we’re busying ourselves with designing, prototyping and testing necessary wing foiling, windfoiling and SUP foiling gear to enhance our existing line of Mistral watersports toys – as well as your watery enjoyment.

4m prototype Mistral wing foiling wing flying in the January winter sun.

Riding, tweaking and riding again – mostly on the UK’s south coast – allows us to chuck the wing foiling kit at as many varied weather scenarios as possible. Due to Blighty’s inconsistent conditions we can test new gear across a plethora of situations which’ll ensure wherever else you are in the world you can be confident the Mistral’s wing foiling kit works and will provide plenty of fun at your own local.

If you’re curious about Mistral’s new Air Force wing foiling/SUP foiling/windfoiling equipment then we can show you a few wing shots – see accompanying images. The rest, however, you’ll have to wait for. Once all the Ts are crossed and Is dotted we’ll be unveiling properly. Stay tuned… It’s going to be a fly kind of year.