22nd April 2022

Out grown you kit or needing your first time ride? our 2022 range has plenty to offer.

The 2022 Vortex SD2, not just for racing. It's all about your mind set.

The new season is gathering momentum as the weather warms and minds turn to long days and adventures yet to come. You may already have equipment for SUP or may be looking for your first set up. Either way, we’ve a design for every need.

What’s common place, is that many SUP owners having purchased a first board, may well have outgrown its performance limitations. Boredom in not being challenged enough, feeling you’re not going fast enough or the desire to go further over the course of a day, are all indicators it may be time for an upgrade.

Typically first time buyers buy for stability over speed. Having learned the basics of paddle and board control, you can very quickly out-grow your first time board. If it’s an inflatable you may want to consider the benefits of a hard board in relation to performance gains. If travel and storage remains an issue, then your options may be limited to upgrading your inflatable for a faster more niche orientated inflatable board.

But why consider a hardboard? Hardboards offer an improvement over hull speed when boards are matched like for like in relation to specifications. There’s simply no substitute for speed when it comes to a hardboard. We can build in underway profiles which offer hydrodynamic benefits and the added rigidity is something we have attempted to add in to our inflatables and have come close, but never close enough.

Additionally, there is the durability factor. Yes, hardboards can be compromised with holes and cracks in the case of impact damage, but are nearly always repairable, unlike inflatables which can sometimes prove difficult. Hard boards simply last longer, very much longer.


Our new 13'2 Adventurist Air carries up to 60kg of cargo.

In the case of wanting more from your existing inflatable we have a stunning range of offerings, all of which use 13,600 threads per inch drop stitch material we call DSFL. This woven thread technlogy provides 2,600 threads per inch more than conventional PVC drop stitch fabrics.

NOTE: Between the top and lower layers of PVC, thousands of polyester threads keep the upper and lower layers at a uniform distance and provide the required torsional strength to prevent the board flexing; the air pressure helps, but only in combination with the internal structure.

We pride ourselves on making the best inflatable boards on the market and some of the highest performing hardboards, each designed from ground up using 3D sofware and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) methods to shape each board. Investing wisely in your equipment, will ensure greater output for input when on the water. Mistral boards have the added bonus of holding their value and are always in high demand.