Steeve Teihotaata is a legend within the outrigger canoeing world, having won just about everything there is to win, and not just once. For several years we were fortunate to have Steeve SUP racing for us and famously he won the 2015 11 Cities stand up paddle board race taking the level of competition to another level of excellence never seen before at the event, racing our now famous Vortex board. In that same year Seychelle won the ladies division and again in 2016 and Steeve’s back to back victory in 2016 was only denied on account of tactical paddling from his competition to keep him from another SUP 11 Cities victory.

Above Left: Vortex 14′ Ultra (Steeve winning the around Bora Bora Ironmana Race
Above Right: Equinox 14′ fun times

In this clip, Steeve shares inisghts of his life with us back in his home islands of Tahiti. The Equinox 14′ became the SUP board of choice in open water upon which Steeve won the Air France Paddle in 2017 and 4th in 2018. Here’s a trip down memory lane with a truly great ambassador of paddle sports, who made our outstanding board designs come to life. Sit back and enjoy.

(Note: we’ve since improved the Equinox even further – it holds a record breaking downwind SUP course time in South Africa and is superb in so many conditions, whilst the Vortex has now evolved into the SD1).

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