Mistral Around the Globe

Mistral Water Life and Living Since 1976

Mistral has been associated with a water sports lifestyle since its founding in 1976. It's not just a name or another brand, but indeed a way of life that has touched hundreds of thousands of people through ownership of our products and millions more who wear our brand or simply know of the brand.

Importantly, we want to share with you through these pages, Mistral lovers in action around the world we are in engaged in various commercial activitites in which you can share by visting and making contact, after all, this is the best way to quickly have something in common when travelling; a connection through water and through the brand you love to own and use, when embracing the lifestyle you love.

Whether it's Canoe Sailing in Tahiti, or wanting to try your hand at SUP Yoga and Fitness, learn how to SUP or take an advanced course, we aim to link you with the best of the best who also share the love of Mistral.

Ameland Island Holland

Ameland Holland

Ameland Adventure. The natural beauty and quiet of Ameland, also known as the ‘Wadden Diamond’, earned this island the Quality Coast Award in 2009. De Hôn and Het Oerd nature reserves are home to fantastic flora and fauna, and the island has a rich history of whaling and merchant shipping.

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Mistral Hayling Island UK

Hayling Island UK

Mistral UKs premier venue to hire and test equipment. A great day out with restaurant and bar facilities year round. It is also the location where we test and develop some our equipment.

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Jewel in the Indian Ocean

Mistral's Research and Development Team spend time on the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius and are always open to assisting with your visit to the island. Famed for being one of the worlds top destinations for a wide variety of water sports.

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Mistral South Africa

South Africa Down Under

If you're headed to South Africa be sure to contact our guys over in Cape Town. For down wind paddling and the surf, it has a world wide reputation of excellence.

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Fun in Friesland

SUPAway was started in 2013 by Aukje Postma. Come and join Aukje and Frieda and fall in love with SUP.

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SUP in Crete

Chania Crete

Located in Loutraki Crete, Paddle Board Yoga Crete, offers a fantastic SUP holiday experience, whether to attend SUP Yoga Classes, learning SUP or wanting a bespoke retreat. This is Greece at its best. Sensational waters and traditional foods all at affordable prices.

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Frangipani SUP England

Frangipani in England

At Frangipani SUP, we will teach you to paddle using high quality Mistral iSUP boards and paddles. We are delighted to be working with this iconic and world class brand, to advise you on the latest range of boards, paddles and kit and to help supply any items you may wish to purchase.

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Mistral Japan

Mistral Japan

Water sports crazy, Mistral Japan retains a strong place in the Japanese water sports community and are pioneering our International Mistral One Design IMOD 12'6 Race Board with an active Universities Race Program of IMOD events.

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Mistral in Brazil

Brazilian Style

Brazil is the perfect exotic location for Mistral. Home to great beaches, surf and the water based lifestyle we are proud to be associated with some of the countries finest young stars of paddling.

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Sur Pacifico Argentina

Mistral in Argentina

The radiant beach culture of Argentina would surprise you. A life loving culture who embrace the ocean as much as the mountains, where music, friendship, beach living and the great outdoors are central to a way of life and where Mistral has thrived and been embrace into Argentine hearts and minds.

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Mistral in Korea

Korean Water Life

Mistral Korea is one of our strongest licensees and through both their high quality apparel, stores and the embrace of SUP paddling, the Mistral brand continues to escalate in strength.

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Mistral in Germany

German Good Taste in Quality

Mistral continues to be one of Germanys favourite brands and over the years has forged a strong image within the region. Sports Vibration is the driving force behind the Mistral brand here and they in turn support a number of team riders and events.

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Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui is our preferred carrier and in addition, a major sponsor of the Waterman Tahiti Tour, Tahiti Nui Ironmana Channel Crossing and a variety of paddling related sports in Tahiti and her islands. We are proud to be associated with Tahiti's premium international carrier.

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Pilates Beach SUP Spain

SUP Pilates Barcelona Spain

Ely Merino from Pilates SUP & Beach provides outstanding SUP Pilates sessions and workshops, beginning in Spring through Summer, based in Barcelona at the famous 'W' Hotel.

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Hell in Heaven

The Ironmana Liquid Festival is a fun and joyous celebration of water sports and Tahitian culture hosted each year during the month of December. Tahiti's islands—known to have the world's most pristine waters—sets the ultimate stage for this entirely water-based event for some of the toughest waterman tests on earth.

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Mistral SUP School Argentina

Argentina Magic

Mistral SUP Schools Argentina based around the country in some of the world's most visually stunning locations. For information regarding SUP'ing in this part of the world, you are well connected with these passionate water lovers.

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Waterman Tahiti Tours

Tahiti Dreams Made Real

Come and experience Tahiti in a way like no other. Mistral in association with Waterman Tahiti Tours, Air Tahiti Nui, Tahiti Tourism are in a unique position to facilitate and take care of making a trip to Tahiti a dream come true to compete in any of the Waterman Tahiti Tour events including Ironmana.

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Escuela de Stand Up Paddle


Located in one of Patagonias most scenic bays, this is truly a magical place to visit and experience the sport.

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Kuwait SUP Club


Kuwait Watersports is a new company managed by Louise Ralph who is a Watersports industry expert based in Khiran with over 15 years’ experience. Qualified across a number of water sport, Louise is a full time devotee to sailing and SUP.

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Kainalu XT Waterman Training Tahiti

Waterman Skills Development

Train with Stephan Lambert and take your water skills to new levels. With some of the world's most naturally talented water athletes, even they require guidance and training. Stephan's reputation makes him our Mistral Trainer for anyone who cares to visit him in paradise to train and learn.

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Navigaport Spain

Spanish Experience

In our headquarters of the Costa del Sol in addition to enjoying our Showroom, you can with your Mistral enjoy sailing with our sailboats and be able to sleep in them after paddling by the Guadiaro River or the Mediterranean coasts.

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