Mistral CarboWing

The CarboWing is a fully integrated Windsurfing Rig solution, composed of a three piece mast, integrated mast foot, one piece boom and sail. It is through this integration and compliance of each unit relative to each other, that the CarboWing is therefore like that of a bird wing, where the skeletal part is represented by the mast, mast foot and boom supporting one singular giant feather light wing. All components are integral and reliant upon each other so as to make up this uniquely advanced Windsurfing Rig System.


Composed of 3 individual foiled sections measuring a connected length of 480 cm, each carbon sectional length is no longer than 2m100% with a combined weight of approximately 2.8 kg.

Foiled mast sections

The foiled mast greatly improves laminar wind flow back on to the sail. This dispenses of conventional rounded tubular masts and sail mast sleeves.

Mast rake

The mast is designed with preexisting rake, as would normally be achieved by powerful tensioning of the outhaul. This assists with the upwind sailing angle of attack.

Mast foot

The mast foot is integrated within the lower part of the lower mast section and uniquely, requires no mast extension.


Using advanced carbon fibre layup, a 2.0m and 1.7m boom length, suit 4 differing sail sizes from 4-7m and constructed in one piece weighing in at under 1 kg.

Internal mast track

The luff of the sail is fed within an internal mast track situated on the trailing edge and hauled up so as to be internally secured leaving the mast base, similar to that of yacht and dinghy systems.

Boom fitment

The forward section of the boom, features an injection moulded component which includes securement webbing. This webbing, is wrapped around a corresponding threaded mast section which incorporates a sleeve which houses an internal threaded nut, which is geared to the threads of the mast section which permits micro-management height selection of the boom by simply turning the threaded sleeve clockwise or anti-clockwise to move the boom up or down. This threaded mast section is secured to the upper section of the lower mast and fits into the mid section of the mast.
This unique system, allows the rider, to move the boom up or down even when under power on the water.
The rear section of the boom features dual rollers which are integrated with the boom structure. A tensioning trim line exits the boom end and is further guided by additional dual rollers fixed on the sail clew end which negates the need for a hook and block. This system permits the clew to be pulled in tight to the boom end.


A unique feature of the CarboWing, is that very little luff (downhaul) tension is required or outhaul which in turn permits the sail to switch sides with minimal friction or tension restraints so that tacks and gybes can be executed faster and with less effort. The outhaul, integrated into the boom, is short and easily operated. Sail batten tension is adjusted via a knurled screw system and soften nearer the mast to permit a natural camber. This unique integrated rig and sail system offers super high performance sail control and micro- management of components, in addition to being super light and compact over that of conventional rig and sail systems within the Windsurfing industry.

4 m2 Boom 170cm
5 m2 Boom 170cm
6 m2 Boom 200cm
7 m2 Boom 200c

Slingshot freeride and foil board

Developed in line with the CarboWing rig, our Slingshot board offers the rider a super fast and responsive ultimate Freeride experience. Fast to plane, the hull features a forward positioned concave for air cushioned ride and dampening in the bumps, soft rails forward, extend to hardened bevelled edges aft for added directional bite and control. Foil ready, use this board with conventional Deep Tuttle or add a foil and harness the versatility of this epic board.

2.40m x 82.46cm x 140L

Why the CarboWing?

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