9th February 2021

Mistral's Windsurfer LT - An Old Windsurfing Classic Updated!

Rory Ellis - Hayling Island England

A few days ago we shared a video from Rory Ellis who runs Sandy Point Chandlery close to Mistral’s UK base on Hayling Island, UK. Hayling Island is the home of windsurfing where Peter Chilvers is credited with inventing the concept in 1958 and today it’s interesting to see how riders; young and old, are coming full circle and back to the roots of what windsurfing‘s about – in this case choosing more often than not to ride classics (or in this case updated classics) like the Mistral Windsurfer 

Here’s the video link if you missed it – https://www.instagram.com/p/CK-9FADnYcQ/

Steve West - Old School Windsurfing in Australia 1983
Doug Baker - another Hayling Island Windsurfer LT rider.

Mistral Windsurfer LT

Rory wasn’t born when windsurfing first came around. The original Windsurfer LT is an iconic design classic that encompassed everything windsurfing was (and still is) about. Easy to get afloat and sail, whatever the wind conditions (from light to strong), it’s a cruising machine, that’s also adept on a race course, and has a few additional performance traits to boot. The modern incarnation of the Mistral Windsurfer LT is all this and more. You can paddle it in SUP mode for additional kudos to give just one example.

Old School Fun Gives Greater Access to All

With windsurfing now into yet another year there’s a lot of heritage, pedigree and history there to pull from. And whilst the wider industry and media at large continue to push/promote progression and the latest/greatest here at Mistal we see nothing wrong with reflecting on yesteryear, taking a leaf from the old school book and adapting this to modern forms – just as Rory has done in the vid – and celebrating the concepts that are already proven and have (in our opinion) much more mass appeal.

Windsurfing doesn’t have to be ultra-extreme with pushing the envelope a main concern. Wave sailing, for instance, shouldn’t just be rip. shred ‘n’ tear. Gliding on rollers – and mellow ones at that – is all good. And the Mistral Windsurfer LT does this with suitable aplomb. Add to the mix our accompanying media depicting a young fella sailing the gear in this way and we think it says a lot. Still, even today, floaty longer boards used for light air windsurfing have their place. even when the wind ramps up gear such as the Mistral Windsurfer LT fits the bill for most wants and desires.

This is what true windsurfing‘s all about to a good many: having fun, using the right tool for the job and getting on with enjoying the thing regardless of trends. Another vid that demonstrates this can be seen below from Mr Steve ‘Westy’ West himself.

Maybe it’s time to reconnect with windsurfing‘s past further and not shun the sport’s history. Surfing embraces their ‘gone before endeavours’. Windsurfing and windsurfers should do so as well.

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