Motu 3 pc Paddle

Our Motu paddles are perfect light weight durable go-anywhere travel paddles perfectly designed for the traveller and escapist who loves to hit the open road.

€79.00 €119.00

Our Motu 3-part paddle represents our entry-level paddle consisting of a carbon composite shaft and polycarbonate blade, making it super rugged and ideal for recreational paddling. Adjust shaft height to suit a range of individuals and break apart into 3 parts under 1m in length for ease of stowage and travel. Ideal family paddle. Supplied with a neat padded stowage travel bag.

Materials, care & storage
  • Material Description Carbon-fibreglass composite shaft and durable polycarbonate blade.
  • Care Flush the telescopic shaft with fresh water after use, and avoid sand. Ensure clamp screws remain tightened to secure the inner shaft when clamped. Adjust to suit.
  • Storage Flush the telescopic shaft with fresh water, dry and store it away from strong sunlight.
Product size
  • Product length Telescopic Shaft 168-220cm
  • Paddle size 168-220
  • Colour Red
Surface area
93.0 sq inches (blade length 17" x 8.1" wide x 0.94g)